Eligibility is broadly as for SPL (see above), with the additional requirement that, to qualify for shared parental pay (SHPP), any person must have weekly average gross earnings are at least equal to the lower earnings limit for National Insurance Contributions (£118 per week from April 2019).  

The total entitlement to SHPP between the two parents is 39 weeks, less any weeks spent in receipt of SMP (or Maternity Allowance) or SAP.

Except in the case of a birth occurring before the first day of the EWC, SHPP cannot commence sooner than eight weeks after the relevant notifications (similar to those required for SPL – see above) have been served on the employer(s).

Entitlement to SHPP will expire:

 ◉ after the 39 week allocation (including any SMP/Maternity Allowance or SAP) has been used up; or

 ◉ in any event, one year after the birth or placement for adoption.

Weekly rate of SHPP is the lower of the prescribed rate (£148.68 from April 2018) or 90% of the recipient's normal weekly earnings.

Employers are reimbursed for SHPP at the rate of either 92% or, for small employers, 103%.